hacersoft offer an unique tool to politicians where they can connect with millions of their audience in one click. Product name signifies its usages. Kahiye Netaji On hacersoft will connect politician to their people through voice, SMS, Emails,

How it will Happen:-

1) Single platform to manage entire campaign
2) Easy to use and handle
3) Select the audience from our database & start the campaign
4) Track the campaign
5) Get the feedback through detail report section
6) Connect with millions of people in few minutes
7) Record your own voice or get this recorded through our professional artist
8) Connect with entire audience through our unique solution irrespective of DND.

An innovative tool developed on hacersoft for the audience / voter of politician constituency. where voter can record their message to a dedicated number or the the voter will be connect to the politician/karyakarta directly
Suniye netag will work as janadesh helpline no. and this will have capacity of connecting multiple simultaneous call at a time.

hacersoft will provide entire helpline management resources to run this service and update the feedback on real time basis

How it work :

Features :-
1) Listen what your audience/people want to say or think about you.
2) Will help you to come closer with your voter by understanding their issues through help line
3) Feature to record the messages of voter and upload on portal.
4) Capture caller data for further communication
5) Instant Acknowledgment with message /voice/Email
6) Advance reporting section where data will be published on daily/hourly basis
7) Capacity to handle thousand call siminultaionaly

hacersoft will help the voter of a politician constituency to directly interact and participate through this service. AAP ki Bhagidari will be used as a tool to get the voter feedback with a Miss call, to get the support through Miss call. In current scenario this will help the politician to understand the mood of their voter by understanding the total number of participation on any issue.

1. Easiest way to collect the response
2. No Infrastructure require
3. Free call to the caller who will give Miss call
4. Toll Free number to give maximum reach by removing the call charge barrier
5. Instant Acknowledgment through SMS or Voice call
6. Unique Number for every politician or for every Poll
7. Detailed Report section to view total participation
8. One platform to control multiple Number

How it works :